March 04, 2022
Car service in Kolkata

Car Workshop In Kolkata

For the highest standards in car garage services and car maintenance, Jai Prakash Automobiles has the best Car Workshop in Kolkata. Choosing the right car repair shop is essential when it comes to taking proper care of your vehicle. Our extensive service network houses a wide variety of Car Workshop which caters to all your service and repair needs. All the auto workshops in our system come with the latest, and most advanced, technology that is operated by highly trained and experienced car service experts. We have made car maintenance very easy with our service package. In addition, our auto workshops can also perform intensive auto repairs. Our car garage network also has a range of car parts that can be purchased at different price points depending on the type of part. You have complete freedom to choose what type of car part you want to buy be it genuine, OEM or aftermarket. Our auto service experts will work on your car service or repair based on your preference. They will perform the best auto repair services based on the recommendations of your car manufacturer. 
Jai Prakash Automobiles is a solution for status updates of a large number of cars that are being serviced at a particular point of time, keeping track of all the service records, customer relationship management, automatic renewal notices for insurance, of a particular car, taxes, etc, and providing assistance in the purchase and sale of new and used cars. Jai Prakash Automobiles is a leading Car Workshop in Kolkata. We use the latest technological equipment to do the bodywork, which is not commonly found in most garages.
Service Provided By Us:
  • 1. Car Body Denting And Patch.
  • 2. Repairing Work.
  • 3. Painting Work.
  • 4. All Electrical Work. 
  • 5. Engine Scanning. 
  • 6. Nitrogen Filling In Tyres. 
  • 7. AC Servicing. 
  • 8. All Mechanical Work. 
  • 9. All Lock Channel Work. 
  • 10. Car Detailing.
MIG (metal inert gas) Welding (CO2 Welding/Electric): 
Unlike normal welding, MIG will only heat the contact areas: The Co2 will cool and prevent mixing with the moisture. It can also avoid rust and a better finish. Some painters use more putty and fillers such as metal paste etc to fill in and paint over these areas; which will have a shorter life and finish. Also causes cracks and discoloration in the paint. It's no surprise that our paint job comes with a warranty period.
Computerized Error Checking Of Cars:
We have the latest, authorized software by which we can log into your car's electronic system, read error codes, and correct errors. It helps your car's computer system run smoothly and gives you the best performance.
Provides Advanced Diagnostics Troubleshooting:
Using the latest technology of OBD II, Jai Prakash Automobiles provides state-of-the-art repair services for computerized vehicles. Their expert team can quickly and accurately identify the fault to get a long-term solution for your beloved car.
Handles The Hassle Of Accidental Claims:
Understanding and handling the entire accident eligibility process can be difficult and troublesome at times. The support staff at Jai Prakash Automobiles will be more than happy to help you with the process and with all the documents; they will bring your car back to life in the shortest possible time.
Maintains Professional Membership and Approvals:
Nothing can assure the authenticity of service providers other than their membership and approval from relevant bodies. Jai Prakash Automobiles is an AA-Approved workshop.
Provides Hybrid Vehicle Services:
Hybrid and electric cars are undoubtedly the future. They are delicate and contain many electronics parts that only professional and trained technicians can understand. Jai Prakash Automobiles is specialized in servicing hybrid vehicles while maintaining all the required standards. 
Cashless Car Repair With Insurance Claim: 
We have tied up with all major insurance companies through which we can offer cashless car repairs using the terms and conditions of your claim application.
Still, wondering where to get a car workshop in Kolkata? If your repair request involves mechanical work, Jai Prakash Automobiles does it all. From engine repair to brake repair, transmission repair to suspension repair, we've got it covered. Even all types of electrical repairs, from battery repairs to technical repairs, are done in our car workshop. You are also guaranteed 12-month parts and labor warranty if you avail of our services. our extensive service and repair network of car garages are spread across Kolkata. This ensures that we are always there to assist you with all car workshop services. Our booking process has also been designed to make it convenient for you. Our pick-up and drop service are applicable for all car services and repairs. This means you can get your car maintenance done from home without visiting our car garage. Now you don't need to travel in search of an extreme car workshop. Instead, book instantly on the website and relax at home while we handle your car maintenance at our car garage. 

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