March 03, 2022
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Car Denting & Painting Service In Kolkata

Denting Painting Service in Kolkata provides convenient and progressive customer satisfaction service in Kolkata. All you have to do is come online or call us directly, select the model of your car in the service section you want, and schedule an appointment. Our servicemen will contact you to assist you with many needs. We offer many unique customer-oriented car break-in painting services and they are all best as compared to others in all aspects. 
A Restorative Car Dent Paint Service procedure was used in our workshop in Kolkata for quick removal of minor dents from vehicle bodies. A technician applies PDR in every workshop using pressure on the exterior of the tooth to encourage it to return to its pre-damage condition You will be familiar with the professionalism and quality service we offer. As our on-trend technicians use genuine products to provide you with high-grade service. 
Most non-collision dents like dings and round dents can be repaired with Paintless Dent Repair Service in Kolkata. Common dents caused by other car doors and hail storms are permanently removed with a PDR. 
Car Denting Painting Service Offered In Kolkata
At Jai Prakash Automobiles we offer a wide assortment of car dent-paint services to make sure that your car remains in the best condition throughout its life, Service you can choose from:   
  • 1. Dry dent removal service in Kolkata. 
  • 2. Dent removal service in Kolkata. 
  • 3. Full body repaint service in Kolkata. 
  • 4. Scratch removal service in Kolkata. 

Common Car Denting Painting Problems
  • 1. Your car can develop small dings over time. Don't confuse these with big dents. These are small bumps on the surface of your car that are caused by a rock or car door hitting your car. These are very common problems in Kolkata. They take very little time to heal but if you ignore them they can cause more damage. 
  • 2. Any panel on your car can rust. This could be because of the moist conditions that can develop at any time in Kolkata. This can be really bad for your car's body and cause the panel to break. Don't take it lightly. 
  • 3. Usually found on the side panel of your car. These are caused by an object that hits the surface and is carried along. You can think of a bike as being hit by the handlebar and being dragged. This dent can get worse over time.  
  • 4. These dents are most common for cars because sometimes, we need to park in a crowded park space. The strong impact of small objects can cause a strong dent. Some sharp dents can cause a high spot on the panel. To avoid this kind of problem you need to pay attention to your car. 

    Explained Denting Painting Service
    • 1. We have a well-trained dent painting serviceman who knows the design of your car and ensures that it returns to its original shape. We mostly use a combination of hammer and dolly for dents but all workshops in Kolkata have advanced dent pullers in case of serve dents.  
    • 2. Before we move on to the dent filling process on your car, we ensure that no paint remains in the dent or the surrounding area by standing on the surface. This is done because body filler doesn't stick to paint.  
    • 3. We use the best-in-class body fillers to ensure the repair work on your car lasts long! After covering the entire dent with filler, we leave it to dry for some time. 
    • 4. Here we start with the standing process where we make the surface even eliminating all the uneven patterns that may have formed previously. 

    • 5. In this process, we start with the primer coat, then move on to the base coat. For the color coat, we apply 2-3 coats to make sure the surface is well tinted. Finally, our technicians finish the job with a clear coat so your car can restore its original shine. 
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