February 28, 2022
Car service in Kolkata

Car Cleaning In Kolkata

"Car Cleaning in Kolkata" is all about an amazing car cleaning experience while enhancing your driving experience. It is a unique mechanized car cleaning concept that serves the purpose of a fast-paced society where people want their car to be cleaned in the shortest possible time, that too with the help of a high-powered machine by a professional. We promise to wash and sanitize your car with our expert technicians and products and make it uber-ready in just 10 minutes. Since people don't have time but look forward to more convenient professional services, there is a need for a professional company to handle it and give them the best car cleaning experience. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, but before that our professionals satisfy themselves. We have the best employees who have expertise in cleaning and detailing and are very dedicated to automobile services. Keep your pockets free with our rates on the size of peanuts. 
Difference Between Dry Cleaning and Interior Cleaning
1. If your car has a dirty dashboard, dirty carpet, or foul odor, we recommend our dry cleaning package that includes full seats and upholstery shampoo with vacuum cleaning and dashboard polishing. For general maintenance, get interior details cleaning service done every month. This includes interior dry-washing and vacuum cleaning along with the dashboard and trims polishing.
2. A car cleaning service is the best way to remove all the dust, dirt, mud, and other unsightly buildups from your car.
3. Interior car care is a vital service that disinfects and cleans the interior, upholstery, carpet, etc.
4. Washing and waxing will help protect the delicate paintwork on your car. Regular car care will go a long way in keeping your car as new as the day before.
Car Cleaning services Offered
Choose a category from the finest car services, available at car Cleaning in Kolkata.
  • 1. Rubbing and Polishing service. 
  • 2. Paint Protection Film.
  • 3. Ceramic and Teflon Coating.
  • 4. Interior & Exterior Cleaning Service. 

Difference Between Teflon and Anti-Corrosion Coating
Teflon coating for your car is a paint protection treatment, chemically synthesized from a fluoropolymer that gives the paint a brilliant shine, eliminating rust and wear and tear. Antirust coating is a car underbody protection treatment that is applied to the under buoys of the car. A thick 3 mm of a rubberized silicone-polyether layer is applied to the under-body to give better protection against harsh corrosion and paint chip. Book a service today and get a complete Underbody Rust & Rust treatment at an attractive price in Kolkata.
Premium Car Care Equipment
Professional car cleaning and detailing requires specialized tools and machines. This is why our workshop is equipped with industry-grade buffing and polishing machines, automatic pressure washers, and other car care equipment as well as specialized car care products used to achieve the best results. Jai Prakash Automobiles uses the highest quality, specially formulated, PH natural car care products from a global brand to give your car the best possible shine.
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